For Biz Owners, Marketers and Entreprenuers…

I Built This Site So You Could Learn the Secrets to Great Copy Writing & Marketing, Online In The Comfort Of Your Home Or Office

There are plenty or resources on this site to help you kick the crud out of your competition. Some of them are free, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they aren’t worth serious fungolas!

There are also resources you will have to invest some cold hard cash into. Some of them are created by me or other people I trust to deliver quality information. Others are simply recommendations by me, of books and other resources you will have to go find on your own. If you want to do your own writing and marketing, there should be more than enough tips and how to resources here to help you do that.

But, Perhaps You’d Prefer to Just Have Me Do the Work For You..?

No Problem!

I help entrepreneurs and businesses dominate their market by showing them super successful marketing strategies and creating irresistible ad copy that infects their prospects with the desire to buy.

When I agree to take you on as a client, your needs become as important to me as my own, and while the results of our relationship will be measured in profits, it is always second in value to kinship we’ll develop.

Professional Copywriting Services

Whether it’s a simple space ad, a full-page advertisement or sizzling online copy for the email or web, I zero in on your ultimate goal for the copy and construct it with laser like precision. I target the message to the audience, and create copy that is compelling and gets results.

I have the ability and the know-how to tell a story, capture an image, and give the facts — sometimes, all in one sentence. From print
ads to brochures to radio spots, your message will be conveyed in a powerful yet vibrant style that will surprise and delight your target market.

I have been fortunate to have written ads and sales pieces that produced multi-million dollar sales for my clients. (See my “What Others Are Saying Menu up Top). If I write anything for you, the message will be clear and communicate in a powerful, vibrant style exactly what is necessary to compel your target market to take action (i.e. pull out their wallet and spend their money with you).

For information about copy writing or consulting for your business, or if you have questions about any of my products or programs please contact me directly:

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Tony Policci
C/O Absolutely Brilliant Concepts, Inc.
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It’s my obsession to help you to increase your knowledge and improve your marketing results. I’ll get back to you as promptly as I can.

May God Bless You,

Tony Policci

“The conscientious copywriter”


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